Auto crop demo
for Revit 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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  • Reading fewer geometry data going over fewer elements (only those being cut).
  • Outline can follow FamilyInstances' geometry. Add-in now sees in-place families.
  • Fixing a bug reading complete sets of nested geometry elements.
  • Send one extra crop command to return the crop to where it starts with before the final one.
  • Performance improvements by sending less data. Stopped sending 3D faces for happy cases.
  • Capability to rename things(views).
  • Revit 2021 support.
  • Handle consecutive "crop" commands by adjusting crop, only updating filled region for the last one.

  • When no FilledRegionType with solid fill is found, handle it gracefully.

  • The Sign-In pane floats when it first appears.
  • Click "Advanced" button to customization the Filled Region Type and/or the Line Style used to creat the outline. If a new Line Style is created, its weight can be customized too.